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Judo Class

Coach of the Year

Head Coach: Paul Truong (Pictured above, far right.) Paul Truong, Sensei started Ju Shin Kan in Colorado Springs in 2002. Paul originates from Vietnam where he learned Judo at an early age. He has been practicing and teaching Judo for over 40 years. He is known for consistently producing National Level junior competitors. In 2008 Paul was named the "Coach of the Year" by the Colorado Judo League.

Judo at Ju Shin Kan

Judo was founded in 1882 by Professor Jigaro Kano. Dr. Kano was an individual of many talents and endeavors. At a young age he decided to improve his mental and physical abilities by learning jujitsu. Because of his diminutive stature it was difficult to study jujitsu at the time because of its crudeness and raw form. Injuries were commonplace.

To improve upon what he had learned, Dr. Kano brought together all the good aspects that he had learned from various schools and added his own techniques and concepts. The professor called his new system Kodokan Judo to differentiate it from the jujitsu forms. "Judo" means "the gentle way" and "kodokan" generally means "a school for studying the way."

Coaching Staff

Paul Truong, Dan Pathilla & Jacob Oschner